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Corporate Gifts & Custom Confectionery Branding

Give your marketing campaigns a competitive advantage with corporate gifts and branded confectionery or fruit baskets. Branded gifts have a high success rate for brand exposure with a low cost per impression.

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Bulk Confectionery for your clients, customers or promotional purposes.

Wrapt with Style Online Gift Baskets are the perfect range of gift ideas to suit your taste and budget. We are also happy to cater for specific requirements, as we are dedicated to creating the perfect gift to satisfy everyone. Wrapt with Style aims to take the hassle out of selecting the perfect gift.

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Reasons Why Corporate Gifts Are Beneficial to Your Business

Corporate gifts are a great way to help get a message across to your clients and customers. Many business’ don’t fully understand the importance of corporate gifts and how they can work to help improve your branding and business relationships. Below are some reasons why you should invest in corporate gifts.


Corporate gifting is a great way to help build a relationship with new or existing customers. People do better business with people they know and trust. Providing a gift, no matter how big or small will help break the ice and create a strong business connection.

Branding your gifts with your company logo is a great way to keep your business name fresh and in the front of people’s mind. They will easily recognise your logo and make the connection between you and your business.

The best part about branding gifts is the constant exposure you will gain. Rulers, pens and note pads are a great way to promote your brand without too much expense. Providing gifts that can be used outside of the work environment is an even better way to add exposure to a wider audience. Great ideas can include umbrellas, headphones or beach towels.

When considering a corporate gift it is always wise to try and think of something that will be used over and over again. You don’t want to invest in a product that clients will store away in a draw or cupboard. Choosing the right gift will also ensure your brand and business name is seen out and about on a regular basis.

Choosing a good quality gift will help cement a strong relationship for you and your client. Sometimes a pen or hat just won’t cut it! The type of product that you choose to gift will reflect on you as a business so you want to make sure you invest in a good quality product. It doesn’t have to be something that you give out to everyone you see, save it for new clients or specific clients you want to thank for their business. Splashing out on your client will also give the impression that you care about them as a client and value their business. A good quality product will also be used repeatedly making it a wise investment.

It pays to think about the cultural background of the person you are giving a corporate gift to. Thinking ahead will help avoid any awkward situations or potential loss of business due to cultural differences. The last thing you want to do is offend a new or loyal customer! If you are considering providing a corporate gift to a client research any cultural taboos so you can make sure you are making the best decision possible. For example if you are going to give a gift to a business person from an Arabic country avoid alcohol. Taking the time to investigate any cultural differences will help you win favour with your client as they will be able to see you have put thought and effort into your gift.

This one may seem a bit strange but where you store your branded gifts can spark interest for new or existing clients coming into your office. Displaying gifts in an area where clients can see them will open up discussion and lead way for you to even hand out branded items. If you have invested in pricier branded items you may not want to have them on public display but if you have pens, hats or lanyards lying around you might be happy to hand these out, with the new exposure you will get you can’t go wrong!

Get the edge you've always wanted

Have you tried influencer outreach in the past and not had much success? Perhaps you need to offer them a gift as an incentive.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are the best promotional materials as they're often lying around in peoples offices where new staff and clients see your branding.

Marketing Material

Want to send off something small to clients as a way to say "we're still here, look at us, we have stuff to sell too.". Ask us about chocolates.

Promotional Products

Looking to boost your branded search volumes in Google. Give them a reason to search you and click your link with a promotional product.

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"We have used Wrapt With Style previously for gifts that we can leave in our clients bathrooms once our job is done. When we see their faces it makes it all worth while, plus it acts as a good conversion starter for them and promotional material for us."

"Wrapt With Style are out goto guys for extra confectionery for special events and parties. They have a great turn around time for large orders and delivery is never late to our factory. Highly recommend this company, 5/5 Stars! "